Savoury Bun With Sauce – Otto

Contains Protein, Calcium and Fiber!!



Otto Fresh Bread is the perfect snack for the whole family.

From the careful and enthusiasm in each stage of raw material selection and processing, Savoury Bun with Mayonnaise Sauce Otto is fresh, delicious and fragrant, awakening all senses when biting into each fiber of meat, imbued with rich flavor.

Savoury Bun with Mayonnaise Sauce is unique delicious, rich in flavor

Type: Savoury Bun With Sauce – Otto.
• Packing: 50g x 6 pieces x 10 bags

• Expiry: 11 days from manufacture day.

• Flavor: Mayonnaise sauce/ Spicy Mayonnaise sauce/ Salted Egg sauce

• Ingredient: Wheat flour, eggs, vegetable oil, sugar, glucose syrup,…

• User Manual: Use directly after opening the packaging.
• Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
• Allergy: Contains wheat flour, eggs, milk, gluten and may contain soy protein..

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