Croissant – Bauli Moonfils

Classic croissant with tasty fillings from Italian brand – Bauli.



Croissant is a sweet, buttery bread with puff pastry dough, famous for its crescent shape.

Bauli Moonfils is responsible for the import and distribution by Pham Nguyen Confectionery Company Limited, which is manufactured from carefully selected ingredients, combined with especially processing recipes that created a high quality products.

Croissant – Bauli Moonfils have a crispy crust, soft inside, layer by layer roll, fatty smell of butter with egg cream filling ( 3 flavors: Chocolate/ Strawberry/ Vanilla). Bread is baked according to the professional secret that is hard to find anywhere else. It not only stimulates the taste but also attractive at first sight.

Type: Croissant – Bauli Moonfils.

• Packing:  45g x 20 packs

• Expiry: 6 months

• Flavor: Chocolate/ Strawberry/ Vanilla/ Cheese

• Ingredient: Wheat flour, malt, sugar, chocolate …

• User Manual: Use directly after opening the packaging.
• Storage:
 Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
• Allergy: 
Ingredients contain flour, eggs, milk, protein,…


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