Fresh Sandwich With Sauce – Otto

2-slice with a surprise.



Processing from Red grain wheat of the North American prairies, with high protein content is the secret to creating distinctly soft slices and using the most modern “3-zone” mixing and incubation technology from Germany, that helps the dough breathe and relax in order to create an irresistible soft texture. Combining the rich flavor of seaweed salmon with spicy mayonnaise, awakening all senses from the first bite.

Type: Fresh Sandwich With Sauce – Otto

• Packing:

  • Seaweed Salmon/ Seaweed Shrimp: 76g x 6 pieces x 6 boxes
  • Floss Spicy Mayonnaise: 82.5g x 6 pieces x 6 boxes

• Expiry: 11 days from manufacturer day.

• Sauce: Seaweed Salmon Spicy Mayonnaise/ Floss Spicy Mayonnaise/ Seaweed Shrimp Pizza

• Thành phần: Wheat flour, palm oil, sugar, chicken floss (2.6 %), yeast, whey powder, high-fructose corn syrup, non-dairy creamer, salt, butter oil, preservatives,…

• User Manual: Use directly after opening the packaging.
• Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
• Allergy: Contains wheat flour, milk, gluten, eggs, shrimp and may contains fish, soybean.

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