Popit Milk Tea Candy – Original Taste

Popit Chocolate Chew Candy with original Milk Tea taste, enjoyed by teens nationwide.



You are a candy lover and believer in ” Milk Tea Lovers Group”, the taste of bubble milk tea is always “true love” that you are looking for.

Discovering the new Popit Milk Tea Candy with the lovely shape of a cup of bubble milk tea, featuring the aroma of Taiwanese green tea, the fatty taste of milk blended with a smooth chocolate crust and soft chewy bubble filling, supper “Yummy”.

The 3-layer candy structure will bring a definitely new experience: the outer layer of dark chocolate blends with the delicious taste of Taiwanese green tea, the tasty and nutritious milk chocolate coating, the soft chewy bubble filling, all of that make it delicious true with original taste of milk tea.

Popit Milk Tea Candy melts on the outside, chewy on the inside, that will bring the experience of enjoying a nice cup of milk tea.

With a beautifully designed, this candy isn’t only an ideal snack but also a cute gift for your darling.

Type Popit Milk Tea Candy – Original Taste .
• Packing: 

_ 3.6g x 20 candies x 20 bags (72g)

_ 3.6g x 10 candies x 40 bags (36g)

• Expiry: 10 months.

• Ingredient: Glucose syrup, sugar, vegetable fat (palm), whole milk powder, dextrose monohydrate, whey powder,…

• User Manual: Use directly after opening the packaging.
• Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
• Allergy: Contains milk, lecithin (derived from soybean) and may contain traces of wheat flour, eggs, peanut.

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