Popit Asteroid Gummy Candy

Crispy and chewy, really enjoyable!



POPIT Asteroid Gummy Candy have a unique and novel structure, combining crunchy candy seeds with marshmallow filling from fruit juice, creating a chewy, crunchy feeling that is enjoyable to eat.
POPIT Asteroid Gummy Candy – The most delicious on earth.
With 3 unique flavors, it ranks top in many segments such as:
  • Strawberry flavor is TOP 1 children’s favorite
  • Peach flavor is TOP 1 trend
  • Blueberry flavor is TOP 1 premium
The beautiful new packaging is emulsified with super glitter while the super cute Monsters are the highlight!

• Packing: 50g x 10 bags x 4 trays
• Expiry: 12 months

• Flavor: Strawberry/ Peach/ Blueberry

• Ingredient: The product is made from sugar, malt, dextrose, lactose,…

• User Manual: Use directly after opening the packaging to feel the delicious, crunchy chewy candy.
• Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
• Allergy: Contains milk, lecithin (derived from soya) and may contain traces of peanut.


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