Less Sugar Chocolate Bon Cake

Healthy taste!



With a reduced amount of sugar, Less Sugar Chocolate Bon Cake still retains just enough sweetness to stimulate the taste buds, suitable for those who love gentle sweetness.
Outstanding features of this healthy cake are:
– Use Maltitol sugar 11.9%. Maltittol is low in calories, does not increase cholesterol, blood sugar increases less, suitable for diabetics.
– Rich cocoa sponge cake layer.
– Delicious, blended chocolate cream layer.
Type: Less Sugar Chocolate Bon Cake – Healthy Taste.

• Packing: Box: 17g x 14 pieces x 8 boxes (238g)

• Expiry: 10 months

• Ingredient: Wheat flour, shortening, malt, maltitol,…

• User Manual: Use directly after opening the packaging.
• Storage:  Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
• Allergy: Contains wheat flour, eggs, milk, soy protein, lecithin (derived from soy bean).

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