Bauli Panettone Classico

Bauli Panettone, bring Christmas to your home!



Panettone Bauli – Italian standard, genuine imported from Verona, Italy!

Traditional Classico Flavors for cozy, authentic Christmas!

Panettone is a sweet cake that originated in Italy – famous for its enduring masterpieces of history and famous traditional recipes. The process of making bread is meticulous and time-consuming, so the Panettone cake are often only made on Christmas or New Year’s Eve. True to that spirit, Panettone Bauli 500g has super large size, being ONLY produced at Christmas with every step carefully calculated in order to bring the most authentic Italian flavor to customers. And for this reason, the number of cakes sold by Pham Nguyen is EXTREMELY LIMITED to certain channels, sold out is not imported more.

Soft, fluffy, the texture of a pastry is completely different from the usual cake, comes with traditional Italian flavor and mix sweet Chocolate Chip!

The process of making each batch takes 50 hours continuously by the hands and love of Italian bakers so as to make each PANETTONE CLASSICO rich nutrition and full of flavor.

Cakes are only available once a year, hurry up and buy them to enjoy. In the future, although you have money very much, you still can’t buy for gifting or enjoying.

The cake box is sturdy, has a hanging strip, all of that will create a unique and extremely high quality one. Moreover, this cake will a suitable gift to express our hearts to people who we respect and love.

Bauli Panettone brings Christmas to your home!

Type Bauli Panettone Classico

• Packing: 500g x 10 boxes

• Expiry: 8 months

• Flavor: Chocolate Chips

• Ingredient:Wheat flour, raisins, eggs, sugar, orange peel jam, butter, natural yeast, emulsifier,…

• User Manual: Use directly after opening the packaging.
• Storage:
 Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
• Allergy: 
Ingredients contain flour, eggs, milk, protein.

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